B&V handcrafts its furniture in Teak, Suar and Oak.
Teak wood is very rich in oils and minerals which give it high density. For this reason it grows best in oil-producing soils.
Today the teak used by B&V is grown in plantations in Bojonegoro (East Java), an area of crude oil extraction, where it is bought in situ to guarantee its origin and quality.
Suar wood (Albicia Saman) is quite resistant and heavy; its stockiness and the natural aesthetics that provides to furniture pieces are two of its main characteristics. Oak is imported from selected European and American leading sawmills. It has a great durability and humidity resistance among with other qualities like an outstanding and clean visual.



Experience has taught B&V to make the furniture while taking into account the contrast in climate between the tropics and Europe, since solid wood is sensitive to changes in humidity. Consequently, B&V takes care of the drying and seasoning of the wood and has adopted a knock-down construction system which gives the furniture components room to breathe, thus considerably reducing the risk of breakage due to the expansion or contraction of the wood through changes of humidity and temperature.
Furniture made of solid wood may show colour differences.



B&V makes its furniture collections with various finishes. Nature, White-nature, Honey and Coffee make up the finishes of the collections.
True to the earlier European tradition, even when synthetic varnishes appeared, B&V always preferred to use finishes in shellac from India, amber from Borneo and pure beeswax, all of which enhance the quality of the wood.



In general all furniture requires a series of precautions and care in use to ensure its best durability. Depending on the finish, the maintenance of fine furniture may vary. But to look after it best, make sure that the furniture is not exposed to extreme temperature conditions, never clean it with abrasive products or expose it to the sun, allow it to get wet or put hot objects directly on it, as all these things can cause damage to the surface. Maintenance of teak furniture is nothing more than wiping over the surface, in order to clean some dirt. Furniture finished on "Nature" colour, are varnished with "Lasur" and colourless oils like "Bloom" of "Liberon" trademark can be applied for increasing its durability. Suar and Oak only require wiping as well.



Before packing at origin, all the pores of the wood are closed with wax to prevent the internal humidity of the wood from altering during its long journey by boat. The B&V containers are loaded with a breakage index close to 0% and friction between the pieces which can cause 1% of minor imperfections. The humidity in the container is stabilised by silicon packs which can absorb up to 20 litres of water per container. Once closed, by using a fine tube the interior is fumigated with products homologated by the EU.

Producto Final

Final Process

When the container arrives all the furniture is carefully inspected, the protective wax is removed and the final beeswax finish applied where required. All the upholstery work is all done at destination although we continue working for offering future finish-colours straight from our factory in Indonesia.