Baladía & Valklein finds his origin in a dream, an adventure...

The dream of his founder and Barcelona designer Carlos Baladia, accompanied with his partner Tony Valls Klein, of reaching Asia from Europe trying to follow Marco Polo's steps. This was a spiritual journey to the unknown in order to discover its deepest secrets.

They left Barcelona in 1993, travelling on an off-road jeep all the way through Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South India, where they sailed to Indonesia. In their adventure, they reached Jepara -Central Java- in Indonesia, where they decided to establish for a while fascinated by local culture.

Rapidly, they realized that Jepara's inhabitants are fine and expert cabinetmakers, who have worked Teak since generations on, with style and art.

The fervour for wooden and design, along with the passionate interactions with natives, made Carlos Baladia imagine and design furniture pieces of unique nature, using antique technics of handmade production.

Baladía & Valklein owe its essence to this incredible adventure and wants to share with you its vision of design through noble wooden pieces like Teak, Oak and Suar. They are carved by our artists, who make our collections unique and original.

Welcome to the universe Baladia & Valklein.